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Renata de Ulhôa Flosi Mendes
15 Février 1970
Sao Paulo, Brésil



Eric Tabellion
17 de Abril de 1971
Paris, França

Dating Timeline

They Met:
October 31st, 2001.

Halloween night... She was a pink cowgirl, he was a hetch-a-sketch (un télécran).


First Date: March 29, 2002. They went to see a movie, then have dinner.

First e-mail from him:



Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002
From: "Eric"
To: "Renata"
Subject: The drop...

Bonjour mademoiselle,

I had fun last night... especially the part where you dropped your spoon, and looked at me as if nothing happened... You actually DO look nice purple :)

OK, enough of that. I hope you have a great time in tahoe.
Happy post-easter.


Her reply:



Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002
From: "Renata"
To: "Eric"
Subject: Re: The drop...

what spoon?
i have no idea what you are talking about...

nice purple?
well, doesn't really matter, i'll take the compliment anyway... ;)

the week here, looking like lotsa sun and slush on my way. should be a fun tank-top boarding time...

have a great week you too.
thanx for the sweet note.




First Kiss: April 14, 2002. On the most intense moment of the movie... As she was captivated by the action... He sled his arm around her shoulder... very discretely... He then tried to kiss her... but she wanted to watch the movie first (go figure !?!?).

They Moved in:
November 1 st , 2003

He Proposed:
October 31 st , 2004. Halloween day... again...

And the best is still to come. Come and be a witness!